Please don’t forget to colour in/decorate your superhero (that came home with your report), write your name on the back in the middle of the superhero and stick a picture of your face on the head. Bring this back into school with you when we start back so we can make a display of all the amazing superheroes in Year 2!

Whose Who in Year 2????

Hello! I’m Miss Savignano! I am your new teacher next year in Year 2. My name is a bit tricky to say and even trickier to spell because I am Italian, but you can pronounce it like this Sa-vin-yar-no. Italy is a country in Europe that is shaped like a boot. I think this is why Italians love football so much! I will be Miss Savignano until the Easter Holidays next year and then my name will change, as I am getting married. I’m very excited and can’t wait!

I love teaching and learning, especially history, maths and science because they are so interesting and can be so much fun! Also, I love reading (I’ve just read all of the Harry Potter books for the 3rd time and have nearly finished ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ and loving cooking and baking. During lock down, I’ve been doing lots of cooking, but I’m particularly proud of the Italian pizza and Victoria Sponge cake I made.

Hello! I’m Mrs Astill! I am your new TA next year in Year 2. I have four children, all of whom came to St John Fisher, my son has been to University and is now working, my eldest daughter has just graduated from University, my second daughter has just completed her first year at University and my third daughter would have just sat her GSCEs, but like you, has had her schooling interrupted. I love all animals, but am potty about pooches; I have two dogs which are Golden retriever/ Labrador retriever cross. I am also crazy about cats; I have four cats.  I like most sports and love playing tennis and playing for my club’s Ladies Team. I also love history and learning new facts.

I have worked at St John Fisher for six years, in Years 5 and 6 before moving to Year 2 last year. I love working with children and am very much looking forward to being with all of you next year. Behind me in the photo are the sunflowers that Year 2 planted earlier this year. I am looking forward to all the new things that we can all learn about together.

What your New Classroom Looks Like

These are the tables where you will sit, normally in groups of 6

This is the front of the classroom with the electronic and whiteboard, as well as the RE board.

This is the cloakroom where you will hang your coat, bags, PE bags and put your shoe

This is Miss Savignano’s desk, where I sit and do my marking. You shouldn’t touch anything on here.

We have lots of display boards and Working Walls around the classroom to help you with your work. Look out for them!


Reading is very important. Not only is it fun, but it also helps to improve your imagination and give you great ideas in your writing. If you can read well, you can do anything!
Have a look at the list of books for Year 2 below and see how many you can read over the Summer. Find a nice, quiet and comfy spot to settle down with a good book!

Reading List Year 2

Y2 Book List

Y2 Recommended Reading List

Below you will find some bookmarks about what makes a good reader. When reading with an adult, think about some of these.

Summer Reading Challenge 2020!

Leicestershire Libraries are running a Digital Only Summer Reading Challenge this year launching 5th June.

Summer Reading Challenge 2020: Leicestershire Libraries are Going Digital!

Leicestershire Libraries are delivering the all-new Digital Only Summer Reading Challenge from The Reading Agency this summer so that they can reach as many children and families as possible.

Meet the Silly Squad and celebrate funny books!

  • Check out a host of Facebook launch events on Friday 5th June with authors and celebrities.
  • Children sign up to from Friday 5th June onwards to create a profile.
  • Read any books that make you happy, from digital to print.
  • Brilliant eBooks and eAudio to borrow from our libraries. Leicestershire’s Digital Library
  • Collect digital activities, competitions, games and rewards along the way.
  • Look out for extra special Leicestershire online activities in July and August.  You can also find other activities and things to do by clicking on this link:

End of Year Expectations for Year 2

I have attached a leaflet – click here – with some information about the minimum end of year expectations for children by the end of Year 2 for Reading, Writing and Maths. This is for your information and is not what I am expecting from the children when they return to school.


My philosophy in Year 2 is to make the children as unaware about SATs as possible. With this in mind, the adults in the class do NOT use this word at any time throughout the year with the children.

The work children do throughout the year is to enable them to access the SATs papers which consist of two Reading and two Maths papers with an optional paper for Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation. Your child will participate in assessments throughout the year (we use the word assessments instead of test).

Below you will find a document with further information, that I put together for the parents this year, about SATs in KS1. Also, there is a document from the Government website should you wish to peruse it and here a link to a video too.

Information For Parents 2019 National Curriculum Tests At The End Of Key Stages 1 And 2

Ks1 Sats Information For Parents

If you have any questions or just want to pop and say hello, please email on


Maths is a great subject where you develop skills such as adding, subtracting and problem solving.

Over the Summer it would be good for you to revise these skills:

  • Numbers from 0-100 forwards and backwards.
  • Knowing addition and subtraction facts from 0-20.
  • Recognise tens and ones in a number e.g. 25 has 2 tens and 5 ones.
  • Begin to count in 2s, 5s and 10s.

You can practice these skills on Education City and Hit the Button!


Writing is a great way of showing your imagination and expressing yourself. You can write about anything and everything! Practice writing over the Summer. Try and include these things in your writing:

  • Capital letters and full stops
  • Adjectives
  • Phonics knowledge to spell (see the document below)
  • Spell the Year 1 Common Exception words (see the document below)

Why not start practising some of your new Year 2 spellings whilst reminding yourself of the Year 1 words!

Rwi Word Mat

T L 5089 Common Exception Words Years 1 And 2 Word Mat Ver 3


Below, I have included two documents with all the grammar terms you should know by the end of Year 1 and what I will be teaching you in Year 2.

T L 4795 Year 1 Grammar Glossary

T L 4796 Year 2 Grammar Glossary Ver 2


In Year 2, you will continue to learn cursive handwriting. It would be a good idea over the Summer to practice your letter formation (how you write your letters) and the flicks for the joins if you can. Here is a reminder what our letters look like. Remember, the way we do ‘x’ is a bit different! See my example.