The Reception

Elizabeth Reeve- Chen

The reception class  have their own part of the school. Their classroom has their own bathrooms and playgound. Because of this, many people think that they might be isolated! They are most definitely not! Year 6 children, like us, come down to the class and help at lunchtimes, and their playgound leads onto the main playground.

Lots of activities are learnt in the Reception, and the children there get used to the idea of school and work. Miss Hanson and Mrs Lam, the Reception teachers, are extremely good and kind.

I can say this from experience. Children start to learn phonics, counting and crafts. There are many chances for parents to come and see the children; we have special mornings where parents can come in and help their their children with a project.

The Reception is one of the most important years of school and therefore, SJF takes a lot of care helping these children.

Our classroom

Holly Luff

As you walk through the doors of our authentic classroom, you can almost smell the education in the air. Or could it be the smell of bread mould from a recent science experiment? What we learn each day is totally unexpected. Like when, we have our afternoon of science experiments. The whole classroom seems different as the noise of the excitable children predicting and speculating gets louder and louder. While in Maths and reading tests, it is the complete opposite. Silence reigns.

It’s easy to concentrate because of our comfy, posture correcting chairs and our high spacious tables. There’s no need to fidget as it’s a comfy place to be. Lunchtime brings a smell of hot dinners wafting through the corridors, leaving all mouths watering. Our cloakroom gets turned into a traffic jam as people rush to change their plimsolls into their outdoor shoes.

Overall, our classroom is a great place to learn especially with Billy and Milly (our class teddies) with us to help us with our work.

The ICT suite

Niall Taylor

We, computers are quiet and still
All alone in the computer suite
Until those pesky pupils come in
And destroy our fun.

Start me up, log them in,
Double clicking those poor mice
We were very clean and tidy
Now we have been messed up.

We’re lined up in our rows
on our own in rows of six
In come those annoying pupils
eager to turn us on.

Headphones in,
Phew, volume down!
Lexia, they command,
Whatever you wish.

Word up, type, type…
The trembling keys bashed.
Or maybe they might excel
How do they know so much?

All wanting to go on Education City
‘Play Live’ being their favourite
Hoping to play against Billy or Milly
Laughing even if they lose.

We can’t wait till the game is over
Just so we can have peace again.

The Prayer Corner

Michael Donaghey

PEACE and                     CONCENTRATE
YOURSELF                    NEEDS
ENJOY AND                   ENRICH AND
RELAX                           REASSURE

The School Garden

Rachel Astill

The garden is a place for nature. In the garden, the flowers, and all of the other plants will be looked after. They will always have the chance to grow, and we would always plant the seeds at the best time so we knew that the flower would grow during the season that it was supposed to.

The garden has 7 beds [1 for each class], and this enables each class to plant whatever they like in their own bed. My year, year 5, has a separate bed to year 6, but when my classmates and I move up to year 6, we won’t carry on using the bed that we had been using in year 5. We take the year 6 bed, and we would have

to try and plant something different from the flowers we planted in year 5. The current year 4’s will take our bed from us next year as we will be in year 6 and they will be year5, and all of the years will move up.

If you were a visitor and you saw a glimpse of the garden, I wonder what you would think? This is what I would think. The garden has been looked after and you can see that someone has watered the plants, as they are looking very healthy. You can appreciate the creativity of each individual class. You can start to understand how the ideas have formed and how each class have taken their turn to look after each of their beds.

What would you imagine the smell like? I would smell the freshness of each flower, and the moist soil. Some of the flowers like the lemon tree, you would rub your fingers against the leaves and put your fingers to your nose, and you get that lovely smell of lemon. The smell is luxurious.

Mini beasts live there too. They live on the floor and are attracted by the delightful scent and the appealing colours. They live in between the nooks and crannies of the strips of bark.

The Willows

Ashay Khakhar

Running through tunnels,

Taking a different path.

The Willows

Is such a good laugh!

Running around,

Hiding from a friend.

At the Willows,

The fun will never end!

Exploring new sectors,

Dodging mud,

The Willows

Is so good!

Running around,

Finding an adventure.

At the Willows,

There is always a new place to venture!

The Playground

Liliana Giliberti

People run around the playground,

Laughter is all that can be heard.

All the children are having fun,

Yoyos are swinging around.

Running really fast, racing away

Ovals on the ground hopping in and out

Umbrellas for a rainy day

Nelly my best friend or pal.