The Catholic Life of the school is integral to what we do at St John Fisher and runs through all aspects of school life. We have a welcoming, caring community built on Christian values, where all members, adults and children are valued and encouraged to achieve their potential as children of God. The Catholic Identity and ethos is explicit through the learning environment, chaplaincy provision and community cohesion.

Diocesan initiatives

As part of the Catholic Life of the school, we are focusing on the three themes set out by Bishop Patrick McKinney. Each term we will focus on one of the three topics, starting with Encounter, where we invite the children to find more opportunities to be with God and allow Him into our hearts and minds. The following terms will focus on Discipleship and Missionary Discipleship.

These words mean:

Encounter – to call

Discipleship – to build

Missionary discipleship – to send

Welcoming new families

We welcome everyone into our community at St John Fisher, and want to help families new to our community to feel supported and informed. We have put together an Induction Handbook for RE to help families transition to joining a faith school if their children have not attended one before.

Welcoming new staff

We welcome everyone into our community at St John Fisher, and want to staff new to  our community to feel supported and informed. We work closely with the diocese to ensure training and resources are in place for new staff members. As part of our recruitment process and induction, we support staff to understand our mission statement, our RE curriculum expectations, and our prayer life.


This is a resource which helps us understand as a diocese what we are praying for and as a church what we are celebrating, remembering and doing for every single day of the year.

It is like a diary/calendar for the whole church across the whole world.Please take some time at the beginning of each week to share this with your family.Also watch the weekly video show that highlights and celebrates all the awesome things happening in our church and our diocese. It’s a chance to really explore the rich Church year!


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