OFSTED report December 2021

St John Fisher is a GOOD school.

What is it like to attend this school?

Saint John Fisher is a warm and welcoming school. There is a strong sense of community. Pupils, staff, governors and parents and carers describe the school as a family.

Pupils behave well. They are keen to learn. They value the opportunities the school provides for them. They are proud to be pupils at Saint John Fisher. Every pupil the inspector spoke to said that they would recommend the school to a friend.

Read the full report here. (OFSTED report 2021)

Our CEO Neil Lockyer wrote an accompanying letter with the report.

‘There are so many positive elements in this report, and it makes very clear why St John Fisher is a ‘Good School’. I was particularly pleased to read the incredibly positive comments about pupils’ enthusiasm for their learning, their very good behaviour, and that “respect is at the heart of every relationship in the school”. It is clear that teaching is of a very high standard across the school, and it is also very telling that every pupil spoken to by the inspector said that they would recommend the school to a friend.’

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Diocesan Report November 2023

St John Fisher has been given an excellent report following our recent Catholic Schools Inspection. We were awarded outstanding [1] in Catholic Life and Mission, and Collective Worship, and good [2] in Religious Education.

Indeed out of the 9 sub categories, we were awarded outstanding in 7 of them. The inspectors were particularly impressed with our school’s strong ethos and values, our prayer life, and the positive impact we have on our pupils’ lives.

Here are some of the key points from the inspection report:

• The school is a caring community where pupils experience the love of God for everyone.

• An overriding culture of respect between all members of the school community leads to outstanding behaviour from pupils.

• Religious education has a high status in the school, which is linked closely to its Catholic life and mission, prayer and liturgy.

• Staff are exceptionally sound and enthusiastic role models and clearly want every child to flourish. Teaching assistants are a notable support at all times.

• [Pupil’s ] ability to reflect upon topics in lessons is enhanced by exposure to prayer and liturgy; equally, religious education lessons enable pupils to develop an awareness of the implications of topics in their daily lives. The pupils’ books are often exemplary in the presentation of work. Pupils show good understanding of the tasks and settle to them readily.

• For leaders and governors, an inspiring policy for prayer and liturgy is of key importance, and therefore worship is routinely monitored and evaluated by them, as well as by pupils and staff from within the school and the trust. There is a sincere desire for constant improvement to the already excellent provision.

We are all very proud of this report and would like to thank all of our parents for their continued support. We are committed to providing the best possible education for all of our pupils and will continue to strive for excellence.

Read the full report here.