‘Follow me I will make you fishers of men’

(Taken from the coat of arms of Saint John Fisher).

In our school, we want to follow the example of Saint John Fisher. He was known for his holiness, his faithfulness to the Church and for his learning. He Joined together learning and faith, he was known as a scholar and helped to open two colleges at Cambridge. We will do the same and work to the best of our ability for success in all our lessons, within a catholic environment.

The children’s own words are:

We will put our faith into action by helping the poor in Leicester and the Third World. In our school each child is trusted to help each other in their unique abilities and this is shown through caring.

‘Learn how to love like Jesus

We love one another as Jesus loves us.

Learn as best you can and help one another to learn too.

Listen to everyone and love them every day.

Don’t fall out, be nice to one another’.