Who Was St. John Fisher?

Saint John Fisher (c. 19 October 1469 – 22 June 1535) was an English Catholic bishop, cardinal, and theologian. John Fisher was also an academic, and eventually served as Chancellor of the University of Cambridge.

He went on to introduce scholarships into education, working closely with Erasmus. and had a passion for education for all.

John Fisher was appointed the Bishop of Rochester at the personal insistence of Henry VII and was the priest for Margaret Beaufort, Henry’s wife. John Fisher later became the personal tutor of their son Henry VIII.

When Henry VIII famously tried to divorce Queen Catherine of Aragon, John Fisher became the Queen’s chief supporter. As such, he appeared on the Queen’s behalf in the legates’ court, declaring that he was prepared to die for faith. John Fisher refused to condone Henry’s later marriage to Anne Boleyn. As a result, he was condemned to forfeit all his personal estate and to be imprisoned.

John Fisher was executed by order of Henry VIII on 22nd June 1535 for refusing to accept the King as Supreme Head of the Church of England, over the Pope.

St. John Fisher Feast Day
Celebrating the feast day of our patron saint is definitely a  highlight of our school calendar.  Activities on the day are all whole school based. We begin with a whole school outdoor mass. Invitations are also extended to governors, local schools and members of the local parish and community.

We work closely with another Catholic school, our nearest one, St Thomas More CVA, whom we also celebrate the same feast day on the 22nd for the great English martyr Thomas More.