The theme from Bishop Patrick this term is Discipleship and as a diocese we are going to try to complete a weekly Discipleship challenge/mission.

At the beginning of each week, there will be a Discipleship challenge/mission video in the ‘Monday Morning Club’ live stream on the NDCYSLive YouTube channel.

This will give young people, staff and parents a simple action to do for us to be Disciples and bring the love of God to others in this challenging time.

What we want you to do is to have a go at the action and to take a photo or short video of you doing it and send it to by Thursday each week and it will hopefully be broadcast on the ‘Friday Night Live’ live stream on the NDCYSLive YouTube channel.

Don’t forget to send your completed challenge to your class teacher at their year group email so we can tweet and publish them on this webpage.

The diocese are hoping this will be a powerful way of encouraging us to positively affect the lives of those around us and for us to be able to celebrate some good news as a Diocese each Friday.

WEEK 9 – 22nd March 2021 – Journey

This week’s theme is Journey, and we are encouraged by Elise to think about the people who join us on our journey through life and make it awesome! That could be a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend or someone else – maybe even your pet dog! Take a photo of that person, or draw a picture to represent them, and send it in to

WEEK 8 – 15th March 2021 – Sacrifice

Elise and Luke set us our Monday Mission this week, based on the theme of ‘Sacrifice’. Your challenge this week is to give something up, but not only that! You are challenged to use the time you have saved by not playing on your x-box or arguing with your brother to do something for someone else! Send in a photo or video to show what you’ve done to

WEEK 7 – 8th March 2021 – Almsgiving

Your mission this week, as given to us by Charles, is to do something extra for someone in your life. It could be a big gesture; making dinner, cleaning the house, taking the dog for a walk, or it could be something much smaller but something which will still mean a lot.

Have a go and take a photo or video of what you do for someone else.

Send in your , to or to for it to feature on Truespirit and on Friday night live.

WEEK 6 – 1st March 2021 – FASTING

Your mission this week is to give up something you don’t need. Try to choose something which will make a difference – arguing with brothers or sisters or saying no, rather than biscuits or sweets. Kayla has given us some fantastic examples in the video below. As Kayla said, you could colour in and decorate a Lenten piece of artwork while thinking, praying and reflecting on what you might go without.

In the link below, you’ll be able to find the artwork.

Lenten colouring in sheets

Send in your , to or to for it to feature on Truespirit and on Friday night live.

WEEK 5 – 22nd February 2021 – PRAYER

This week’s mission is to try a different kind of prayer.

Try exploring a new piece of scripture or be still, listen to the words of your favourite worship song.

WEEK 4 – 8th February 2021 – HEALING

The mission this week is to pray for anyone we know who needs healing.

You can do this is two ways:

  • Students and staff, send in the names of people you want to pray for and those people will be prayed for during one of the night prayers next week.
  • Write a prayer for that person, decorate it and send in a photo.

Send in your names or prayers to or to for it to feature on Truespirit and on Friday night live.

WEEK 3 – 1st February 2021 – CARE

The word this week is ‘Care’ and we have been set the mission of doing something to show someone we care for them.

Send your photos/videos of you caring for others to by Thursday!

Week 2 – 25th January 2021 – Inspire

Tom Baptist has set us our weekly ‘Monday Mission’ on the theme ‘inspire’. Your mission is to write a letter to someone who inspires you. Tell them why they inspire you and what they inspire you to do? Send your letters to by Thursday! Get Writing!


The word of the week this week is ‘Challenge’, so the challenge set for this week by Luke is to learn a new skill which you can use to help someone else.

To make it a bit easier, I would suggest that making someone smile or laugh is a way of helping other people through a difficult time, so perhaps they could learn and tell a joke, or a magic trick or a song.