Admission Procedures


Admission arrangements are co-ordinated by your Local Education Authority. This will either be Leicestershire or Leicester City, depending on where you live. It is important that you complete BOTH the LEA Admission Form AND the Academy's Supplementary Form when applying for a place. Forms can be downloaded from the links below or if you wish a paper copy can be collected from the school office.


Click on the links below: 

Admissions Policy 2019-20

Admissions Policy 2020-21

Please remember to complete both the Academy's Supplementary Form and your Local Authority Admission Form

Supplementary Form for 2019-20 admissions

Supplementary Form for 2020-21 admissions

Leicestershire County Council: Admission form                 

Leicester City Council: Admission form


Parish Boundary 1

Parish Boundary 2



The following documents show the timescales in which admission appeals should be lodged and heard 

Schools Admission Appeals Timetable               

Schools Admissions Appeals Timetable - Late Applications                    

Schools Admissions Appeals Timetable - Late Appeals 

For more information regarding Appeals please follow the link to Nottingham Diocesan Education Service 


                        Applying for a September 2019 Reception Class at St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy

Detailed guidance on applying for school places is available from the Leicestershire County Council school admissions website. Parents should familiarise themselves with this information. Parents wanting to apply for a place at a Catholic school should also ensure they are familiar with the admissions policy for their preferred school, which is available via the school website. However, the following information may also be helpful to consider:

Catholic schools are established to serve their local Catholic parish communities but applications for places are also welcome from Catholics of other parishes and from all parents and carers, regardless of faith or background, who would like their children to be educated in a Christian environment.

St John Fisher CVA has a published admissions number of 30. For places in Reception Class starting in September 2018 the school received 58 applications and the final place offered to applicants in category 5 of the oversubscription criteria.

It is not possible to guarantee a place at any school and so parents are encouraged to apply to more than one school. Most local authorities provide for parents to express preferences for at least three schools which parents should place in order of preference. Catholic families are not limited to applying solely to their Catholic parish school. Parents can apply to other local Catholic primary schools if they wish and the inclusion of other Catholic school in your preferences increases the chances of being offered a place at a Catholic school.