Across Year 1 - 6, we use be using the Maths - No Problem! mastery teaching approach from Singapore.  This is a highly effective approach to teaching maths based on research and evidence. It has been created especially for children in the U.K. and follows the National Curriculum 2014.  Through Maths - No Problem! the pupils learn to think mathematically as opposed to reciting and using formulas they don't really understand and develop fluency without the need for rote learning.  

Click the link below to watch the Maths No Problem! parent videos and find out more.

Maths - No Problem! textbook
Maths - No Problem! textbook


How we do things at SJF...

Calculation Policy

Want to know how we do things?

Click the links below to find out how written calculations are tackled in your year group.

Foundation Stage

Addition Y1-3

Addition Y4-6

Subtraction Y1-3

Subtraction Y4-6

Multiplication Y1-3

Multiplication Y4-6

Division Y1-3

Division Y4-6