After School Clubs


Clubs will run from the week beginning 19th September

All clubs are from 3.10 - 4pm unless shown otherwise.



Jon Siddon      

Yrs 1-5                          

3.10pm - 4.10pm         

£2.50 per week


GYMNASTICS                         FOOTBALL 

Miss Whittingham                      Mr Gallagher

Years 3 & 4                           Years 5 & 6 

Wednesday                               Wednesday 



FILM CLUB                                  FILM CLUB

Mrs Moloney                                  Mrs Jones

Years 5 & 6                                   Years 3 & 4  

Wednesday                                    Thursday


COMPUTER                                  COOKING CLUB

Miss Savignano                               Mrs Stevens & Mrs Vilcins

Years 3 & 4                                    Year 5

Thursday                                        Thursday



Mrs Chevin

Years 5 & 6



The School Library will be open after school every Wednesday until 4pm for families to come and browse, borrow books, have a cup of tea or coffee and have time for doing homework with younger children while waiting for older children to finish their after school club.