Headteacher appointment

Mr Anthony Gallagher has been appointed as  Headteacher at St John Fisher from 23rd August 2017.

Retirement News

I will be retiring from my post as Headteacher of St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy as from August 2017. It has been a great privilege to have been the Headteacher at this wonderful school. I have been blessed with working with an amazing staff, dedicated governors and fantastic children throughout my time here since August 2000. Thank you to our parents who have always been supportive and played a full part in the life of the school and make it the superb community it is. I believe the school is in a good position to move forward and in giving the governors enough time to make an appointment, I will do everything I can to ensure a smooth transition. I look forward to many years of continued success for St John Fisher and will keep you all in my prayers as we move through this time of change.


Classes for 2016/17

Year 4+ ​Mrs Foster​                    Year 4​   Mrs Chevin
​Year 1​   Mrs Moss/ Mrs Jones​      Year 5   ​Miss Whittingham
​Year 2​   Mrs Moloney​                  ​Year 6​   Mr Gallagher
Year 3  ​Miss Savignano                                 

Headteacher: Mrs M Hirst

Teaching Staff

Mr A Gallagher -  Year 6 (Deputy Head)

Miss G Whittingham - Year 5 (Assistant Head)

Mrs Chevin - Year 4

Miss M Savignano - Year 3

Mrs R Moloney - Year 2 (Assistant Head)

Mrs Moss/ Mrs Jones - Year 1

Mrs U Foster - Foundation Stage


Support Staff

Nursery Nurse
Mrs Y Lam

Teaching Assistants

Mrs V Astill

Mrs S Foran

Mrs A Johnson

Mrs R Kent 

Mrs L Kinally

Mrs N Reilly


Special Needs Support Assistants

Mrs H Hunt

Miss J McManus

Mrs B Rudkin

Mrs J Vilcins


Midday Supervisors

Mrs M Bullock  

Mrs J Ferns  

Mrs S Foran

Mrs H Kaur            

Ms L Pedge

Mrs B Rudkin                         


Breakfast Club

 Miss J McManus & Mrs T Naylor


Office Manager                           
Mrs C Smith                                  

 Admin Assistant

Mrs J Clare


Premises Officer                       
Mr M Wood                                  



Mrs H Kaur                        




Mrs K Chapman