Chaplaincy 2015-16

Chaplaincy team

This term we have decided to have our own ‘Chaplaincy Team’ page, so that we can share with you, what we do as ‘Chaplains’. We have been ‘chaplains’ in our school since September last year and we have done many different things for the Catholic Life of our school.

We enjoy spreading the love of Jesus around our school, while at the same time we remember the children in our school family who have different faiths from us. This makes our school great, because we learn to respect each other’s different beliefs and yet we are all part of the school family of Saint John Fisher.

We researched a lot on the internet last term about Saint John Fisher and we have made our own school prayer for chaplaincy, we start our meetings with our prayer.

We meet once a week for half an hour, with Sister Dorothy, who is our School Chaplain and works in our school one day a week.

This week we cut out photographs of our Lenten Retreat Day, (which we had before we broke up for Easter). We made a Display for our ‘chaplaincy book’.