Year 6 Home Learning


Please send in any pictures or correspondence to year6@stjohnfisher-wigston.leics.sch.uk. E-mails will be monitored between 9a.m. - 3 p.m. each school day. I am looking forward to seeing your great work. Thank you!

Let's get active!

We have been set the challenge by Mrs Jones to keep active at home. 

All you need to do is take part in any activity and then record it on the website!

Let's make sure we win this one Year 6 - I know we can do it! 

Click on the picture for more information.

Week 8 - Click here

Week 7 - Click here for the weekly timetable

Monday 18th May

Tuesday 19th May

Wednesday 20th May

Thursday 21st May

Friday 22nd May

Week 6 - Click here for the weekly timetable 

Monday 11th May 

Tuesday 12th May 

Wednesday 13th May

Thursday 14th May

Friday 15th May

Week 5 - Click here for the weekly timetable

Thursday 7th May

Please see the documents below for all other previous days' learning:


Why not see how many of these books you can read during this time at home? Below is a list of 100 books recommended to read before you leave Year 6. You know that I love a good competition so let's see who can read the largest amount of these books before we go back to school! Lots of online book stores are offering free book downloads and audio books at the moment so make the most of it and get lost in a good book! 


There are lots of ways to stay active whilst you are at home. Obviously going outside and doing a sporting activity, playing a game or going for a walk are good options if you can do so safely and within the social distancing guidelines.

Here are some other ways you can stay active inside with the use of websites...

The Body Coach - Live PE Lesson 9am every day




Cosmic Kids


Have fun!


Click here to find a table that has links to lots of online resources that you can access for free to take your learning into your own hands. Feel free to access these resources at any time.












To see the whole staff video of Reach for the Stars, click here!


This week should have been your SATs week so I have a poem for you all about this strange time that we are in so make sure that you have a look at the video below. I will also put a link to the poem as well so that you can have your own copy. I hope you enjoy it!

A poem to Year 6 

Hi Year 6! I thought I would make a little video of what I have been up to... hopefully this will put a smile on your face! Stay safe, Miss Baraclough :) 

It has been great to see some pictures of you learning from home! I'd love to see some more so make sure that you send them to year6@stjohnfisher-wigston.leics.sch.uk to show me what you have been up to and if you have any pictures of things that you think will make people smile (like Amelia's kittens!) please send them in too! I am missing all of your smiley faces so don't be strangers! 


Follow this link to keep up to date with the what is happening in the Church's year each week. 


Click here to see information and challenges/actions from the diocese for you family to join in with.

Parents' Letter for RE

Click here to access this terms parents' letter for the Come and See RE programme.

We will be posting appropriate tasks from each topic for you to access at home.


Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...

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Saoirse(about a week ago)

hi can we write up the story on the computer ------------------ Yes that's fine :)

Semire(about a week ago)

Hi,sorry to bother you but is the story starter the crow took of at night ----------------- Yes :)

Semire(about a week ago)

Hi Miss Baraclough what are we supposed to start our mystery story with--------------------- Use the story starter that I have given to you :)

sofia(about a week ago)

thx I have done the education city now. I had to do the maths key skills in my book so I couldn't complete all of the questions. sorry ----------------- Okay don't worry! Well done Sofia :)

Tania :D(about a week ago)

Hello Miss Baraclough! I don’t seem to find the skills worksheet 9 in my pack. Also, is it half term next week and we will be going back to school after the half term? Thanks! Tania :D ---------------------------- Hi Tania, you will find the sheet in the resources section of today's home learning page. Yes it is half term next week and school will be open on 1st June for all of year 6 :)

Jacobs mum(about a week ago)

Hi Miss B. The answers for Wednesday's MNP do not match the book. Page 164 has 36 scooters but the answer refers to 54 scooters. Can you also explain the answer to b on page 165. To us reference would be 5% and magazines looks to be twice that so 10% so the difference would be 5%.... Thanks ------------------------- I don't know what has happened there as I can only see the online version of the book so apologies if they differ - there must have been some sort of technical glitch! I would agree with you for question b so Jacob can mark that as correct. I don't know what is going on there! Thank you for checking!

Saoirse(about a week ago)

Hello hope you're having a nice day , for the maths workbook page 165 there is no details about the pie chart to help work out the percentages. Can you please help (: -------------------- Hi Saoirse, you need to estimate. You can see that it is slightly smaller than 50% so you need to estimate what that percentage would be. Hope this helps :)

Tia(about a week ago)

Education city is still not working on all of my devices i'm really sorry but i will see if i can try in a few hours. -------------------- Okay don't worry Tia :)

Semire(about a week ago)

Hi, also can I change the characters name. ------------------ Yes :)

Semire(about a week ago)

Hi Miss Baraclough, can I please change the crow to a raven I have a good idea --------------------- Yes that's fine :)

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