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If you have any questions or would like to share any pictures, you can do so by emailing year5@stjohnfisher-wigston.leics.sch.uk. E-mails will be monitored between 9a.m. - 3 p.m. each school day.

We will look forward to seeing your great work.
Mrs Hunt and Mrs Jones 

Please follow the link GET SET to take part in an exciting Sports Initiative for you and the whole family - log your physical activity to win prizes for the school

GET SET - TRAVEL TO TOKYO - OUR CLASS NAME IS THE GO GO GO'S  go to this site to see how we got on last week. Keep going Year 5 

 Monday 1st June 2020
Good Morning Year 5
Welcome back after a sunny and hot half-term break.
We are now into the final weeks of this academic year. We are super proud of you all, you’ve been doing such a great job, so lets keep that up.

Please find today's work below. 


REMINDER - Only 5 children in our class have completed reviews to add to your reports. If you have not completed yours. Please do so today.

Pupil review of the year report (1).docx

Please remember to send us your report reviews to year5@stjohnfisher-wigston.leics.sch.uk 

Thank you to those who have done already!!! 


You can either design your own work out or complete one of the activities in the ‘STAYING ACTIVE WHILST AT HOME’ part of our webpage.

Well Done.



I would like to start a new topic on Volume.
I have looked over the chapter and think that this is something you can all manage. However, if you do find it a struggle, please let me know.


Today’s lesson
Chapter 13

Lesson 1 - Understanding the Volume of Solids
Textbook pages: 236 - 238

In Focus
You do not have cubes at home so please go straight to the Let’s Learn

Take some time to read and think about the problem.
Think about how you can make two different solids using 2 cubes. Think about the shapes? Are they different? Did you realise the solids are the same because they have just been turned on different sides. What can you say about how much space the solid occupies? It occupies 2 cubes.
How many solids can you make using 3 cubes? Can you make two different solids? What can you say about the volume? Do you agree that the shapes have the same ‘volume’. How many solids can you make using 4 cubes?

During Guided Practice, you are comparing solids with different volumes.

Once you have finished this you can complete your workbook: 

Worksheet 1: Understanding the Volume of Solids
Workbook pages: 155

 Answers Lesson 1 Understanding Volume of Solids.docx


Challenge - Maths Extension
Have a go at some or all the reasoning and problem solving challenges

Wk 35 Extension Problem Solving.docx



Please click on the link to complete work on Apostrophes



Creative Curriculum

Follow the links on our webpage 'Time Traveller' home learning ideas


If you have not completed any of the online learning set for you last week then please complete it now.

Remember to continue to practise your times tables using Times Tables Rockstars, In the event that Axel Fallon makes another appearance I would like to be prepared so we can hear shout out for as many people in Year 5 as possible.
Good Luck!


Enjoy your day and I will speak to you all soon




New topic 'Time Traveller' home learning ideas


For extra ideas for great learning, why not have a look at:


Rob Biddulph, bestselling and multi award-winning author/illustrator is doing live art lessons every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am. He is also the official World Book Day Illustrator for 2019 and 2020 www.robbiddulph.com/draw-with-rob


bbc bitesize 


Or try Active with Anita from the School Sports Partnership (SSPAN)Active with Anita from SSPAN Future Active


Remember to keep sending in your photos to the home learning pics email - I will try my best to put them onto our webpage.



Follow this link to keep up to date with what is happening in the Church's year each week.



Please follow the link to Missionary Discipleship 2020 - this will be updated every week as part of the Friday's Big School challenge - why not have a go

Pentecost RE Parent's letter 2020 for topics and dates



Day 36- Tuesday 2nd June 2020.docx

Day 35 - Monday 1st June 2020.docx 


Day 34 - Friday 22nd May

Day 33 - Thursday 21st May

Day 32 - Wednesday 20th May

Day 31 - Tuesday 19th May 2020.docx

Day 30 - Monday 18th May 2020.docx

Day 29 - Friday 15th May 2020

Day 28 - Thursday 14th May 2020  

Day 27 - Wednesday 13th May 2020 

Day 26 - Tuesday 12th May 2020.docx

Day 25 - Monday11th May 2020.docx


Day 24 - Thursday 7th May 2020 

Day 23 - Wednesday 6th May 2020 

Day 22 - Tuesday 5th May 2020.docx

Day 21 - Monday 4th May 2020.docx


Day 20 - Friday 1st May 2020

Day 19 - Thursday 30th April 2020

Day 18 - Wednesday 29th April 2020

Day 17 - Tuesday 28th April 2020 

Day 16 - Monday 27th April, 2020.docx

Day 15 - Friday 24th April 2020

Day 14 - Thursday 23rd April 2020

Day 13 - Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Day 12 Tuesday 21st April 2020 

Day 11, Monday 20th April, 2020

Day 10 - Friday 3rd April, 2020

Day 9  - Thursday 2nd April, 2020

Day 8  - Wednesday 1st April, 2020



There are lots of ways to stay active whilst you are at home. Obviously going outside and doing a sporting activity, playing a game or going for a walk are good options if you can do so safely and within the social distancing guidelines.

Here are some other ways you can stay active inside with the use of websites...


Some fun way to stay healthy every day. How many can you achieve? 

Active with Anita from SSPAN Future Active  


The Body Coach - Live PE Lesson 9am every day



Go  Noodle



Cosmic Kids



Story time with David Walliams 

https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.co.uk       Click on Elevenses 




Friday 24th April, 2020
Previous Weeks


Click here to find a table that has links to lots of online resources that you can access for free to take your learning into your own hands. Feel free to access these resources at any time. 






The guestbook is to write your teacher.  Tell us how you have been getting on with your work.  Say  hello to your classmates too!


Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...

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Davina(a couple of days ago)

Good evening Mrs Hunt and Mrs Jones, My Mum was just asking ,If we are go to school or we are still in lockdown. Because on the news it said year1 - 6 will be going back to school. ----- Hi Davina. It is Years Reception, One and Six starting again on Monday. Not Years 2, 3, 4 or 5.

summer(about a week ago)

can I please not be the only one at Wembley with mrs jones today is so lonely QnQ even tho it was very fun with her and not a load of people ;p Ha yes come on let's have some more come and join us. Mrs Jones

Davina(about a week ago)

Mrs Jones , I 'm getting confused about the science do you have to make it first then do it . I just don't get the task but i got the power point- Hi Davina yes so the Science is an investigation, so you test out different materials to cause friction and then once you've tested each one - test it again to make sure the results are accurate. Then write up your results and explain why you think one material is better than another. There is an extension task at the end of the powerpoint - if you wanted to try that one too. Hope that helps - Mrs Jones

Sienna(about a week ago)

All the staff/teachers who made that video it was amazing! Ofc it put a smile on my face! Glad you liked it Sienna :)

Louis(less than a month ago)

Thank you for that video it was amazing definitely put a smile on my face .

Louis(less than a month ago)

Hi everyone yesterday I got a puppy and me and my family named him carter he is 8 weeks old hope your all doing well - Oh that's great Louis I bet he's so cute. Mrs Jones

Julia(less than a month ago)

Mrs Jones, i have already completed questions 1and 2 on the bbc bitesise website what Should i do for english? Have you completed activity 3 Julia? If so then you can carry on wit your time capsule work

summer(less than a month ago)

thanks mrs jones you did amazing aswell

summer(less than a month ago)

I was the only one who played with mrs jones QnQ well it was cool playing with her tbh UwU - ha I know thanks for joining me at Wembley Summer. I think I need a little more practice. You did really well - Mrs Jones

Davina(less than a month ago)

Hi everyone hope your well can't wait to see you all

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