Welcome to Year 4!

  We are 'Mischievous Monkeys'  

     Our teacher is Mrs Hunt.     


Our Maths Topics will be Place value and decimals. Our first R.E. topic is People and our Second topic will be Belonging.  Our English learning focuses around Potions! We will look at instruction writing, letters and play-scripts.Our class book is Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland'

Parent/Guardian Information

Bring everyday:

Reading Book and Reading Record

Home-School Link Book

Spelling Log

Water bottle



Book changing days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please encourage the children to read at home on a regular basis. All Reading Records must state that the child has finished their book if it requires changing.


The Year 4 PE days for Autumn 1 are:

Tuesday and Friday (Swimming).

Pupils require both their indoor and outdoor kit. Please ensure pupils have a pair of outdoor trainers. These must be different to their school shoes!

Independent Learning.

It is important that now we have logins for the websites, we are able to use them. They are great for reinforcing your knowledge. (click below to find the websites)


Our first  Imaginative Learning Project is Potions. This will feature a variety of opportunities for art. This also links to our Science topic focusing on States of Matter.


We mark maths homework on Wednesdays. We have a spelling test on Friday. You need your homework book at school on a Wednesday and a Friday. Homework is handed out on Friday. Please make sure you are also practicing times tables!


 String Instruments

In Year 4 we have the fantastic opportunity of learning to play string instruments including, violin, cello and viola ! We will be learning new skills and techniques, preparing ourselves to perform to the school later on in the year. This takes place on Tuesday mornings.

All instruments must be back in school Monday, ready for Tuesdays lesson.