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Crich residential 2017

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When the Premiership trophy visited SJF




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Grandparent Gardening Day

Thursday 17th March


World Thinking Day 22nd February 2016


 Crich 2014


World Book Day 2014

We all had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day.

To begin the  day, a librarian came in and read 'Figgy Roll' to the spellbound hall. She later did workshops with many of the classes. Before lunch, classes buddied together to read to and with each other.  Meanwhile, some more able writers got a chance to hone their craft with Adrienne, a published author. Many of the pupils brought in their favourite books and we shared them in the hall together for 'The Big Read'. Very loudly and very happily.


Christmas Around the World


Merry Berry Christmas Cooking 2013


Racing to School 2013


Art Curriculum Enrichment Day 2013


Crich residential 2013


Christmas Performances 2013


Papal visit 2011


Year 6 mask making!


Fun in the Snow 2010