Corpus Christi Catholic Academy Trust

St John Fisher is part of an academy trust alongside Sacred Heart, St Thomas More and St Joseph’s from the city of Leicester and and St Joseph’s Market Harborough. All the schools are primary schools and have joined together to promote, develop and improve the standard of education for all our children by sharing good practise.

We organise joint teacher training events, work moderations, share staff (Business manager and Bursar), organise joint events for the children.

The trust is run by the trust board made up of governors from the 5 schools who meet once every term.

Over time the collaborative approach will give our children many advantages and for St John Fisher. We can learn far more each other than we would do as a single school!

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Statement for Stakeholders on conversion to Multi-Academy Trust Status

In 2012 the Governing Bodies of St Joseph's School, Market Harborough, Sacred Heart School, Leicester, St Joseph's School, Leicester, St Thomas More, Leicester and St John Fisher, Wigston converted to Academy status and now form the Corpus Christi Catholic Academy Trust.

The decision on whether or not to convert to Academy status was taken by the Governing Bodies based on what was considered best for our schools, our students, staff and the wider Catholic community.

What is an Academy?

An academy is a state-funded school which operates independently within the requirements of national codes of practice for state schools, however, unlike a state school it receives its funding directly from central government rather than through a local authority. The first Academies, established under the previous Labour Government, required a sponsoring organisation and had the sole objective of raising standards within the school. Under new legislation introduced by the present coalition government schools that are either 'outstanding' or 'good with outstanding features' are now also eligible to convert to Academy status together with their partner schools. It is the current intention of the government that all state schools should become Academies.

What is a Multi-Academy Trust?

The Catholic Education Service of England and Wales (CES) did not immediately encourage Catholic Schools to consider conversion to Academy status as it was necessary to consider whether conversion could take place whilst safeguarding the distinctive identity of Catholic schools and how all our schools could remain supported and not isolated.

Following discussion between the CES and the Department for Education, DfE, The Nottingham Diocese determined a model approved by the DfE that meets those pre-conditions and made it possible for Catholic schools to convert to Academy status. .

The model involves a family of schools forming a 'multi-academy trust' under a diocesan wide Shared Company. The essential principles of the model are that no schools are left behind, it involves no external business sponsorship and there will be no change to the distinctive nature of any of the schools in the Trust.