PE & Sports Premium


Sports Premium money is allocated to all primary schools with a vision of creating children that are physically literate and that have the skills, the knowledge and the motivation in order that they are in a position to lead healthy, active lifestyles for the duration of their life.

With this vision in mind, St John Fisher CVA felt that there were a number of priorities. Firstly, the school wanted to increase teacher confidence and subject knowledge to allow for a high quality and durable provision of PE. Secondly, the school wanted increased participation in competitive sport.


School Sport funding 2015/ 16


From 1st September 2013, each primary school received funding to help increase PE expertise in school. This funding should provide a lasting legacy as it is only secured for two years. We intend to spend the money in various ways.


Subsequent to a staff survey being undertaken, funding will be spent on staff development and training. Staff will receive training in specific areas of P.E such as gymnastics and dance.


We will be updating our P.E resources to ensure that P.E is enjoyable for all students.


Attending sporting competitions are extremely important at St John Fisher. Funding will be used to take part in various sporting competitions and to provide transport to and from competitions.


We work directly with St Paul’s P.E department and have arranged for specialist P.E staff to come into school and work on specific areas of the P.E curriculum.










St Paul’s – Transport and Interschool competitions with Corpus Christi Academy Trust. Coaching from member of St Paul’s P.E department for staff and young leaders.


Over 1 year.

St Paul’s Secondary School. P.E department and Primary Link Teacher

Continue to take part in interschool competitions. Children are given the opportunity to compete and are given purpose for involvement in sport. Time spent with Primary Link Teachers and P.E staff from St Paul’s will allow us to focus on progression in P.E, ensure effective methods of assessment are in place and that P.E provision is of a high quality for all children.


Staff development and training, including coaching and modelling teaching sequences from St Paul’s Staff.


Sessions to take place throughout the year.

Various training providers. Training booked through Leicester City SSP

Staff to be involved in CPD throughout the year. There have been areas identified for development to improve staff confidence and understanding when teaching in certain areas of P.E. We intend to up- skill our staff through different training opportunities and ensure this has a lasting effect on the teaching of high- quality P.E.



Resources. Resources over the course of the year to improve P.E lessons and provision.

New Scheme of work

Me and My Pupil insight software. Membership £500 – Crown Hills

Resources will be reviewed throughout the year and ordered consequently.

Ongoing scheme of work.

Me and My software.

Various equipment providers such as ESPO

Val Sabin Publications

Me and My Pupil insight software- Leicestershire and Rutland sport.

Teachers will have access to a wider range of resources to aid their planning and teaching of gymnastics and other subjects throughout the year.

A new scheme of work to match teacher CPD courses. New scheme will include differentiated activities and progression throughout Foundation, key stage 1 and key stage 2. This scheme of work will have a lasting effect on the teaching of high- quality P.E for all students in school.

Me and My software will provide and insight into attitudes towards P.E.


Affiliation to SSPN Network.

Over the academic year.

East Leicester SSPN (Crown Hills)

This allows for a broad range of extra-curricular competitions that our children can take part in. It also allows for staff to access CPD. (Two courses included within the price of £500)












Tennis Coaching and after school club for 1 year.








Coach of Tag Rugby, football, cricket and athletics for improving teacher confidence of subject knowledge.

Sessions take place every Monday afternoon during school and after school on a Monday


Sessions take place during Wednesday PE lessons.

Victoria Tennis Club Leicester – Qualified Tennis Coach






Gowan Sports Development 2015

Work alongside qualified tennis coaches to increase subject knowledge. The coaching and opportunity to take part in the tennis after school club will encourage children to join more clubs and have a healthy active lifestyle. To make school club links.





Work alongside qualified sports specialist coaches to increase subject knowledge. To make school club links.

£ 1615

Provide cover to release teachers for professional development in P.E and sport.


15- 20 days this includes all training days and release days for P.E co-ordinator.

St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary


Release time to attend competitions and organise risk assessments, transport and teams. Ensure links are made with other schools in the Leicester City SSP and within the Corpus Christi Academy Trust to share good practice.

Attend networking meetings and conferences within the partnership to keep up to date with sporting developments. Release time for staff to attend training courses for CPD. Release time for P.E coordinator to monitor and assess P.E and the sport premium funding to ensure a positive impact is being made and that sport legacy is increasing.